Where Is Eject Button on MacBook Pro?

There are lots of different keys on a MacBook Pro, and one of those is the eject button.

Used for ejecting CDs and DVDs from an external drive, they may seem a little redundant to younger people – so where is the eject button on a Macbook Pro?

Locating the Eject Button

In the past, the eject button was a physical key on the keyboard of older Macbook models. It was used primarily for ejecting CDs or DVDs from the optical drive.

However, with the evolution of Apple’s design philosophy, recent MacBook Pro models do not include an optical drive, and consequently, the physical eject button is absent.

You can still find the eject key on the Magic keyboard if you purchase this separately from Apple – it’s found on the top right hand side of the keyboard.

Though, in truth the media eject key has become pretty useless not that less of us own an external optical drive to use it with.

Alternative Ejection Methods

Despite the absence of a physical button, Apple has provided alternative methods to eject removable media.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts: For models with an optical drive, you can still use the keyboard shortcut ‘Command + E’ to eject discs.

Finder Ejection: You can also Open Finder, Locate the disc or removable media you want to eject and then Right-click on the media and select ‘Eject’.

Menu Bar Ejection: Some applications that use removable media have an eject option in the menu bar. Click on the application menu and look for the eject command.


The absence of a physical eject button on modern MacBook Pro models is aligned with its used – less and less people are using optical drives, so it makes sense to get rid of it.

However, you may still find it on older Macbooks and external keyboards on the upper right corner.



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