Vectronic’s Macintosh SE/30

This is the famous Macintosh SE/30, the best of the classic all-in-one Macs. The SE/30 was introduced on January 19, 1989 and stayed in production until October 21, 1991. The “30” in “SE/30” is shorthand for 68030, the SE/30’s processor. The SE/30 replaced the Macintosh SE, which had an 8 MHz 68000 processor.

The SE/30’s 68030 processor is 16 MHz and it runs on a 16 MHz bus. Maximum RAM is 32 MB, but 128 MB is possible using MODE 32. Apple initially offered two configurations: 2 MB RAM with a 40 MB hard drive that sold for $5,069 or 4 MB RAM with an 80 MB internal hard drive that sold for $6,369.

My SE/30 is in the later category. It has 4 MB of RAM and an 80 MB internal hard drive. I purchased it from a collector in 2006 for $450. It is in excellent condition.

The SE/30 is compatible with Mac OS 6.0.3 up to Mac OS 7.5.5. My SE/30 has Mac OS 7.0.1, which is perfect for a Mac with only 4 MB of RAM.

The SE/30 has two ADB ports, a DB-19 disk drive port, a DB-25 SCSI port, a printer port, a modem port, and a single speaker port. The SE/30 does not have an internal microphone or microphone port.


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