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Use Preview’s Loupe to Emphasize Areas of PDFs and Images

PreviewIconXIf you use Apple’s Preview program regularly to view images and PDF documents on your Mac, then you might find yourself opening some documents where you might need to zoom in on some details. There are several ways to do this in Preview using its standard Zoom function, but in addition you can use the Loupe to keep your document mainly at one zoom level, and only increase the zoom of the area under the loupe. Continue reading

How to magnify your iPad’s screen

iPadIconXEven though content on your iPad should be mostly legible, there are  instances where a magnifying glass would be useful to see some nuance of your screen. If you own an iPad and find yourself sometimes squinting at your screen to see some minute set of text, or the details of an image, then there are several built-in tricks you can use to get a better view of what you are looking at. Continue reading