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How to unofficially fix the ‘Shell Shock’ bash vulnerability in OS X

NewTerminalIconXThe recent vulnerability that has affected systems running the popular Bash shell can allow an attacker to arbitrarily run code on any system that has a running installation of the unpatched bash shell. This includes every version of OS X, so if you have a Mac that you regularly use, then you can be sure it is updated first and foremost by applying any security updates that Apple issues; however, if you wish to update your system right away then you can download and compile the latest Bash version for OS X, which to date is version 3.2. Continue reading

Apple introduces simplified programming with Swift

SwiftIconToday Apple has introduced a new programming language it has called Swift (not to be confused with the Swift language for parallel scripting), which is intended to be a modern and easy to use language that avoids the complexities in XCode, and allows for quicker application development.

While Apple has progressively simplified programming Continue reading

What are the Command Line Developer tools in OS X?

TerminalIconXSometimes you might try to run a program or two on your Mac, and encounter a message that states you need to install the command line developer tools. The message will then have options to install the tools, cancel the request, or get Apple’s XCode software package.

If you encounter this warning, you may wonder Continue reading