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Chinese authorities nab ‘WireLurker’ malware creators

BurnIconXThe Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security has announced Chinese authorities have arrested and charged three individuals with developing and operating the Web sites responsible for the recent “WireLurker” malware attacks on Apple’s iOS systems.

The threat, which was found earlier this month, allowed hackers to install malware on iOS devices by way of vulnerabilities in Apple’s enterprise provisioning routines. Continue reading

How to protect yourself from ‘Masque Attacks’ that replace iOS apps with malware

BurnIconXFollowing the recent finding of the widespread WireLurker malware that allows an infected system to hijack iOS applications and replace contents to convert them into malicious programs, security researchers at FireEye have revealed this as part of a long-standing flaw in iOS that similarly allows apps to be replaced with malware programs.

This vulnerability uses the same enterprise provisioning routines that are used by WireLurker, but the approach Continue reading

FAQ on how to detect and remove WireLurker from OS X and iOS

BurnIconXFollowing the recent Wirelurker malware that was discovered yesterday, Apple has taken some rapid steps to fix it, including releasing an XProtect update to detect programs that are run on OS X which may contain the malware, and revoking developer certificates for compromised applications that are being used as vectors to spread the malware. In addition to these steps, if you suspect your Mac or iOS system might have been infected, then there are some steps you can take to detect and remove it from your system. Continue reading