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iWork for iCloud and Apple IDs now available for Linux and Windows

iCloudIconXIf you are a fan of Apple’s iWork productivity suite, then you will now be able to create an Apple ID and use the suite via Apple’s iCloud Web apps when logged in from any Web browser, on any operating system, instead of being limited to a Mac.

Apple’s iWork for iCloud was announced at the 2013 World Wide Developer Conference, as a productivity expansion for Apple’s popular iWork desktop suite, and joined other Continue reading

Fix windows with controls off the edge of your screen

FinderIconYosemiteXOne frustrating issue you might encounter when running OS X is if a window is placed or sized in a way that prevents you from accessing some of its controls. This can happen for numerous reasons, including adjusting your display setup, or performing an upgrade to a new OS version, or if some corruption in the window saved state configuration files prevents application windows from being restored correctly as part of Apple’s Resume feature. Continue reading

Parallels Desktop 10 enhances performance, integration, and ease of use

PD10_Box_RGB_NoShadowTransparentBkgdApple’s use of Intel processors in its Macs allows you to run Windows natively in Boot Camp, but also run virtualization solutions so you can host Windows, various flavors of Unix and Linux, and other Intel-based operating systems within OS X so you can run programs in them side-by-side with your Mac’s programs.

There are several virtualization solutions available for your Mac, including Continue reading

Tips for opening links and searches in Safari

SafariIconXThe default behavior in Safari for opening links, bookmarks, and Web searches is to display the results in the current browser window; however, if needed then there are options for opening these in other windows, tabs, and otherwise augmenting your browsing experience.

As with many programs in OS X, Safari supports a number of hidden alternative behaviors to standard commands for opening Continue reading

Switch only to a specific window in a background application

MissionControlIconXIf your computing habits are anything like mine, after a few hours of work you will end up with a plethora of windows open in various applications. You may have a number of different Safari windows open, along with your workflow and notes organized in TextEdit, half-composed e-mail messages, PDFs and other images open in Preview, and various utilities open. Needless to say, after a while you might simply run out of screen real estate Continue reading

Tip: Hide or unhide applications to remove clutter

FinderIconXIf you regularly use your Mac for multiple tasks, you might have a number of applications, application windows, and documents open at the same time. These may include browser windows, preference windows for open applications, and perhaps iTunes, iPhoto, and multiple Terminal sessions, among many others. Continue reading