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Fix windows displaying off the edge of your screen

FinderIconYosemiteXEvery now and then when you wake your Mac from sleep, change resolution or other display settings, or otherwise adjust your system’s display output, you may be left with a window or two that are pushed off the edge of your screen. If this happens, you can usually grab its toolbar and drag it back into view; however, if it happens along the top edge of your display, then this toolbar may be hidden. OS X should detect these occurrences and snap your window down to be in view; however, this may not always happen, leaving you with no apparent way to recover your window. Continue reading

Quickly access old window zoom behavior in OS X Yosemite

FinderIconYosemiteXOne of the new features in OS X Yosemite is a re-working of the full-screen window feature where in programs that support this option, the green zoom window button now defaults to being a toggle for full-screen. This can be seen in programs like Pages, and Preview; however, this can be a bit confusing because in those like TextEdit where a fullscreen option is not available, the green button is the classic “Zoom” behavior that resizes a window to fit its contents. Continue reading

Mac Skills: Switch to top-most windows

DockIconXWhen you use multiple applications on your Mac, you may end up with many windows open at once in each application. This may be for work you are currently doing, but at times you might find yourself with a mountain of open windows that contain progress for various projects, and you might wish to keep them open for the sake of your workflow. Continue reading

Four window management options for OS X

FinderIconXIf you regularly use many windows on your Mac, then you might find they can get cluttered as they overlap and otherwise hide each other. While Apple has options to gather windows on a single display, or to arrange them all in front, these might not be adequate for your window management needs.

There are several third-party window-management Continue reading

How to resize windows in OS X

FinderIconXResizing windows in OS X allows you to optimally use the real estate of your display. If you find yourself constantly using the same approach to resizing windows, you might find some use in the less-obvious features Apple has implemented for managing window sizes. These include resizing from multiple sides of a window at once, in addition to making use of full-screen views, and zooming windows.  Continue reading