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How to run “headless” virtual machines in OS X

VMWareFusionIconXIf you run multiple operating systems on your Mac in virtual machines, then you likely use either Virtual Box, VMWare Fusion, or Parallels Desktop. For the most part, when you set up a VM on your Mac with any of these solutions, it will run as a window that shows you the graphical view of the virtualized OS. However, if you use your VMs for servers instead of running desktop applications, then you can use a small trick to run them in the background, and thereby save both a little processing power and some desktop clutter. Continue reading

Parallels Desktop 10 enhances performance, integration, and ease of use

PD10_Box_RGB_NoShadowTransparentBkgdApple’s use of Intel processors in its Macs allows you to run Windows natively in Boot Camp, but also run virtualization solutions so you can host Windows, various flavors of Unix and Linux, and other Intel-based operating systems within OS X so you can run programs in them side-by-side with your Mac’s programs.

There are several virtualization solutions available for your Mac, including Continue reading