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Time Lapse in iOS 8 keeps videos under 40 seconds

iOS8IconXThe new Time Lapse camera mode in iOS 8 allows you to take fast-motion videos that display only a few frames, as if separate images were taken at long time intervals and then stitched together to make a short but fast movie; however, you might notice that when you take short time-lapse videos you will get a larger number of frames per second than if you extend your video out to tens of seconds or minutes. Continue reading

How to view video files you cannot open in QuickTime

QuickTimeXIconXApple provides you with a number of media-handling options in OS X, with QuickTime being the core service for displaying video; however, there will likely be times when you have downloaded a video file that simply will not play in QuickTime. Even if the document looks like a QuickTime file, when opening it you may receive an error that prevents you from viewing its contents. Continue reading