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How to create hidden administrative accounts in OS X

AccountsIconXIf you have a system that is used by other people, you may want to give them managed user accounts and then reserve a separate administrative account for installing apps and changing system settings. This is especially true for situations where many people may be using one computer, such as in classrooms. While you can always create an administrative account, by default such accounts will show up along with others at the login window, in the Fast User Switch menu, and other locations; however, you can set this up to be hidden from most of these locations. Continue reading

How to combine two accounts in OS X

AccountsIconXIf you have a second user account on your Mac in which you have done some significant work, you might at some point wish to combine it with your main one. Unfortunately there is no quick way to do this, and will require some manual transferring of files, contacts, and other information, as well as remembering which of these you need to transfer. Continue reading