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Bash ‘shell shock’ vulnerability affects unix-based systems, including OS X

BurnIconXIn the OS X Terminal you run commands in an interpreter called a shell. In general, you open a shell and then specify commands to execute within it; however, researchers have found a long-standing vulnerability in the popular shell called “bash” (the default for user accounts in OS X), where with a clever use of environmental variables for running the bash shell, an attacker can inject code to run in the shell without needing to directly enter it in the shell itself. Continue reading

Hotkeys for navigating the Terminal in OS X

NewTerminalIconXIf you regularly use the OS X Terminal, then there will undoubtedly be times you encounter the limitations of the cursor. For instance, if you have a relatively large command entered but need to edit a small typo in the middle of it, then you might resort to using the arrow keys to move backward character by character until you get to the part you wish to edit. If you have been frustrated by this approach, then you might benefit from Continue reading

Merging the OS X GUI and the Terminal

TerminalIconXIf you regularly use the OS X Terminal for various operations on your Mac, then you might benefit from some of the unique ways Apple has implemented the Terminal and some of its related services. Even though the Terminal is a more abstract, text-based environment for managing your Mac, there are several features it supports that somewhat blends it with the OS X GUI, allowing you at times to more intuitively manage your Mac. Continue reading

Manage OS X Terminal processes and windows with the inspector

TerminalIconXIf you are a Terminal user, and especially a power user, then you might regularly launch multiple Terminal windows, run various scripts, and have commands running in the background. Unfortunately it may sometimes be difficult to pinpoint which running processes belong to what terminal window.

For instance, if you have the synchronization tool “rsync” running in several Terminal windows, you might not know Continue reading

Commands for finding files in the OS X Terminal

TerminalIconXThe Terminal in OS X is a relatively powerful environment, where you have access to a number of scriptable tools that can help you configure, gather information, and otherwise use your Mac in ways that you cannot otherwise do with a mouse and graphical elements. Granted some of these more advanced features of the terminal require extensive experience, but if you are just getting started, then you might wonder how you simply find files in the Terminal. Continue reading

Use the Terminal to quickly get a Unix path to a file

TerminalIconXWhile you can often access the files you need by browsing the filesystem in the Finder, sometimes you might need to specify the Unix path for a file or folder in question, either to run a Terminal command on it, or to communicate this path to others in an e-mail, online discussion, or otherwise.

There are many ways to get the path of Continue reading