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Messages bug will force your iPhone to restart 

NewMessagesIconXIf you have recently found your iPhone’s Messages app crashes upon receiving a new messages, then you are not alone. Apparently a bug exists in the app where if a certain string of text is received, then the app will crash, and possibly result in your iPhone restarting. This bug is reminiscent of a problem where Safari would similarly crash when rendering a specific text string. Given that the problematic text is very specific, if you are experiencing this problem, then it is likely because someone has singled you out as a prank, or otherwise. Continue reading

BitTorrent ‘Bleep’ brings decentralized messaging to OS X and iOS

BleepIconXIf you use a Mac, an iPhone, or iPad, then likely you use Apple’s Messages service to contact your friends and colleagues. Given Apple’s push for you to sign up with iCloud, this service is a convenient way to get in contact, and has some perks like full end-to-end encryption; however, there have been some concerns about Messages and other services where message content is stored on central servers where its possible it could be read by others. Continue reading

Deregister your phone number from iMessage for texting on non-Apple devices

iPhoneIconXApple has released a new Web service that allows you to deregister a phone number from iMessage, on the chance you have switched to using a non-Apple device and wish to continue using your existing phone number for text messaging and other services with your new device.

When you set up an iPhone, Apple’s iMessage service is the default text messaging service, and will bind your Continue reading