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How to navigate documents on your Mac like a pro

TextEditIconXOne of the primary purposes of your Mac is likely to compose or view various text-based documents, and in doing so you may find yourself needing to quickly navigate through them. Of course, the primary method for doing this is to use your trackpad or mouse, where Apple’s multi-touch input options provide intuitive and quick ways of scrolling and placing your cursor; however, you also have a number of options available with your keyboard, which can be just as quick, especially if you are in the middle of typing. Continue reading

How to change your Mac’s text cursor blink rate

TextEditIconXOne of the details of OS X that you will always encounter, but which you might take for granted, is the blink rate of your text input cursor. As you enter text, your cursor will flash off and on at a rate of once per second, which informs you that your cursor is active and ready to display any characters you type. While one per second appears to be a command and accepted rate for this cursor, you might want to change this to have the cursor blink perhaps slightly faster, or slightly slower. Continue reading