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How to check what kind of Mac you have

SystemInformationIconXWhen Mac systems are discussed online, you will often see them mentioned by their common name, such as “Late 2012,” “Mid 2013,” or “Early 2013,” etc. These names suggest a model number, and sometimes are specific enough to identify your model in question; however, this is not the true model identifier of your Mac.

Along with the common model number, each Mac revision has a Model Identifier that is specific to the motherboard and Continue reading

Determine whether or not your Mac will support Handoff in Yosemite

BluetoothIconXApple’s upcoming OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” will come with a new feature called Handoff, which in conjunction with other Macs and iDevices running iOS 8, will allow you to seamlessly create content on one and then continue your work on another.

This feature will use Bluetooth to synchronize your workflows between computers; however, it will require Continue reading