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How to prevent OS X from replacing text you type

FontBookIconXThere may be times in OS X where in typing an e-mail, paper, or other body of text, you may find some characters you type be immediately replaced by some alternative text. While useful in some instances, such behaviors can be a burden in others. For instance, if you write papers and find the system is automatically switching the sequence “^2” into a superscript 2, this may be to your liking but this will also prevent you from using Spotlight as a quick way to calculate the square of a value. In other situations you might similarly find yourself deleting the substitution. Continue reading

Possible fix for Mail’s cursor moving when entering punctuation

MailIconYosemiteXWhen using Mail in OS X Yosemite, you might run into an issue where the program will move the cursor back a few characters whenever you type certain punctuation marks, and sometimes even delete a few characters whenever you enter these marks. This issue has its obvious frustrations, but luckily the fix is relatively straightforward.

The problem here revolves around Apple’s implementation of spell check and auto correct, where as you type Continue reading