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How to partition a hard drive in OS X using Core Storage

HardDriveIconXWhen you set up an external drive for use with your Mac, you may wish to partition it for various uses. For instance, you might want to isolate automatic Time Machine backups from manual ones. The classic way to do this on a single drive is to use Disk Utility to partition it, where you split the drive into two or more logical volumes that the system sees as separate file systems. Since OS X supports Apple’s CoreStorage volume management technology, if you wish to do this then you can do so via classic partitioning, as well as through CoreStorage. Continue reading

How to mount a remote system as a drive using SSH in OS X

SharedDriveIconXBeing a unix-like system, OS X includes the SSH remote login service that can be used to administer a system from the command line. Such remote access is convenient to have, as it will allow you to change settings, manage files and folders, and otherwise use your system without needing to be right in front of it. It also communicates over an encrypted connection so you can be sure communications with your system are secured. Continue reading

Fix About This Mac not showing proper disk space

HardDriveIconXIf you need to look up how much of your Mac’s disk space is being used, you can simply choose About This Mac from the Apple menu, and then click the More Info button to bring up the system information summary. In here, you can click the Storage section, to see all attached hard drives and a colorized breakdown of the file types and sizes stored on each. While this feature is convenient, sometimes it may not show an accurate breakdown of the space used. Continue reading