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How to silence your Mac’s startup sound

SoundIconXWhen you press the power button to start up your Mac, you will be met with a boot chime that lets you know your system is healthy and ready to load OS X. However, this sound can be a bit intrusive, and there may be times when you would prefer to not have it play. Since sleep mode will not make such sounds when waking, you can always use it instead of shutting down your Mac; however, if you need to cold-boot your Mac, then you have a couple of approaches for muting that boot chime. Continue reading

Spice up OS X’s loading with Verbose mode

FinderIconYosemiteXWhen starting up an old Mac running the Classic Mac OS, you would see a number of installed system extensions loading along the bottom of the screen, but when you start up OS X, you are shown a fairly bland image of a gray background with an Apple symbol that appears. During this time, a number of background processes are starting up to allow you to use your system; however, you are not shown these and instead are shown either a progress bar or spinning wheel of sorts that simply indicates to you that something is happening, but does not say what. Continue reading

A fix for OS X hanging at startup, even in Safe Mode

FinderIconYosemiteXWhen you start up your Mac, OS X will display a progress indicator on a background with an Apple symbol, right before loading the OS X interface. In versions of OS X prior to Yosemite this was a spinning wheel, and in Yosemite it is an iOS-like progress bar. This indicator should only display for a few moments before you see your login screen; however, if something goes wrong during startup then you might see your Mac pause either for a long time or indefinitely at this loading point. Continue reading