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Organize Spotlight searches for better results

SpotlightIconXThe Spotlight searching system in OS X is not only good for finding files, but because it includes applications and access to services like the dictionary on the system it can be useful as an application launcher, and a quick dictionary reference, among other uses. All of these can be accessed from any application by pressing Command-Space or selecting the Spotlight menu in the menu bar, and then entering a search query. Continue reading

How to increase the efficiency of the Spotlight menu in OS X

SpotlightIconXEven though Apple’s Spotlight indexing routine is a quick and convenient way to find files and folders on your system, for any given search it may give you a rather large set of results, especially if you only use a short or common search term. If you find yourself burdened by how Spotlight presents its search results to you, there are several ways you can go about making them more convenient. Continue reading