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Get word and character counts for any selection in OS X

AutomatorIconXIf you regularly need to count the words in text that you are composing or otherwise managing, then there are several approaches for doing this. A common one is to simply copy whatever text you are interested in and paste it in a Word or Pages document, and then use the word counting features in there to count your words; however, if you find yourself doing this frequently then you can create a special service for counting words. Continue reading

How to quickly resize images in OS X

PreviewIconXThere may be times when you have a photo or other image on your Mac that you would like to resize. These may have been downloaded from the internet, taken on your iOS device or with another camera, or taken as a screenshot on your Mac.

While often you can embed an image in a document or e-mail, and then resize it in this medium, sometimes a Continue reading

Merging the OS X GUI and the Terminal

TerminalIconXIf you regularly use the OS X Terminal for various operations on your Mac, then you might benefit from some of the unique ways Apple has implemented the Terminal and some of its related services. Even though the Terminal is a more abstract, text-based environment for managing your Mac, there are several features it supports that somewhat blends it with the OS X GUI, allowing you at times to more intuitively manage your Mac. Continue reading

Tip: Use OS X services to reveal or open file paths

FinderIconXThere are several ways to refer someone to a specific file or folder in OS X, especially if this resource is part of OS X and therefore should be in the same location on all systems. One way is to simply describe the location of the file and have the person find their way to it, or optionally instruct them to use Spotlight to find the file, though this does not search for system files by default. Continue reading