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How to secure and lock down your Mac

SecurityIconXThere are numerous ways that a thief can get into your Mac, including booting your system to another hard drive to bypass the security of the built-in operating system and access any file on disk, or simply booting to the OS X Recovery partition and using the password reset tools to change the password of an account on the system. While keychain information and other secured documents will be safe from such approaches, other non-secured files will still be accessible. Continue reading

Apple releases security updates for OS X

SoftwareUpdateIconXApple has released security updates for all versions of OS X that it currently supports, which are OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion, along with the server variants of these releases.

The update, which is the second released this year, is titled “2014-002” and simply states that it “improves the security of OS X,” and the contents of the installation packages show Continue reading