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How to enable screen sharing services remotely in OS X

ScreenSharingIconXIf you have any Mac that you would like to manage remotely, then you can enable Screen Sharing or Remote Management in the Sharing system preferences. However, if these become disabled or if you keep them disabled by default, then you will not be able to access your system. Nevertheless, if you have Remote Login enabled and can establish an SSH connection, then you can take a few steps to re-enable Screen Sharing. Continue reading

How to access your Mac with Chrome Remote Desktop in iOS

ChromeIconXIf you are a Chrome user, then you might be interested in Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app for your iPhone or iPad, which will allow you to connect to any system, be it PC or Mac, that is also running Chrome. This service has been available for Google’s Android platform, but now is available for iOS and should offer yet another approach for connecting to your Mac remotely. Continue reading

Messages in Yosemite offers per-conversation muting and screen sharing

NewMessagesIconXBeing in beta status, the features of OS X Yosemite are subject to change; however, one detail that may be exciting to those who use Apple’s Messages program is the ability to both mute specific conversations, and also request or grant screen sharing access from a current conversation. Continue reading

How to set up and use screen sharing in OS X

ScreenSharingIconXScreen Sharing is a feature in your Mac that allows you to graphically view and interact with a Mac in a remote location. By logging into your Mac in this way, you will see its desktop appear on your screen just as if you were in front of it, and not only be able to use it, but also copy files to and from it. This makes Screen Sharing perhaps one of the more useful services included in OS X. Continue reading