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How to view and close OS X Safari tabs within iOS

NewSafariIconXIf you use Safari in OS X and on your iPhone or iPad, then you can manage browser tabs on one device through Safari on the other device. This is doable through the use of iCloud syncing for Safari in iOS and OS X, where you can access bookmarks, history, and other details entered on one device, in Safari on another device that is signed into the same iCloud account. Continue reading

New feature helps Safari page troubleshooting in OS X Yosemite

NewSafariIconXA small change in the way Safari manages web pages in Yosemite will allow you to more easily troubleshoot any pages that are unresponsive or otherwise stuck.

If you ever run across a site that either hangs, or repeatedly shows a message that you cannot get rid of and which prevents you from otherwise interacting with Safari (e.g., closing the window), then you might find yourself resorting to force-quitting the program; however, there is an alternative you can use to more specifically manage the problem. Continue reading

Determine which OS X process IDs are for your Safari windows

SafariIconXQuite often when browsing the Web, you might find yourself with multiple browser windows and tabs open. This may be convenient for workflow, but if a problem occurs where Safari stalls or otherwise runs slow, or causes your Mac to use excessive CPU percentage and run hot, then while you might be tempted to simply force-quit Safari and relaunch it, you might also benefit from knowing which Safari process is causing the problem. Continue reading

Safari 6.1.6 and 7.0.6 updates available

SafariIconXApple has released updates for its supported Safari browser versions, that address some critical bugs in WebKit which could allow attackers to crash the browser and execute unauthorized code. The updates are available for OS X Lion v10.7.5, OS X Lion Server v10.7.5, OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5, and OS X Mavericks v10.9.4, and should be available by going to Software Update in the Apple menu. Continue reading

Tips for opening links and searches in Safari

SafariIconXThe default behavior in Safari for opening links, bookmarks, and Web searches is to display the results in the current browser window; however, if needed then there are options for opening these in other windows, tabs, and otherwise augmenting your browsing experience.

As with many programs in OS X, Safari supports a number of hidden alternative behaviors to standard commands for opening Continue reading

Tackle Web pages not loading in OS X

SafariIconXArguably Safari, Firefox, Chrome and other Web browsers are perhaps the most commonly used applications on your Mac, so when browsing various sites, you might be frustrated if pages suddenly stop updating with content you know is new, or stop loading at all.

At times these can be server-based issues that you simply have to deal with, but at other times Continue reading

How to share a Web page in OS X

SafariIconXIf you are browsing the Web and wish to share the page you are visiting with others, then you can do so through several different means.

Some of these might be preferred for simplicity and ease of quickly sending a link, whereas others might be better for preserving what you are looking at. Continue reading