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Fix windows displaying off the edge of your screen

FinderIconYosemiteXEvery now and then when you wake your Mac from sleep, change resolution or other display settings, or otherwise adjust your system’s display output, you may be left with a window or two that are pushed off the edge of your screen. If this happens, you can usually grab its toolbar and drag it back into view; however, if it happens along the top edge of your display, then this toolbar may be hidden. OS X should detect these occurrences and snap your window down to be in view; however, this may not always happen, leaving you with no apparent way to recover your window. Continue reading

Fix windows with controls off the edge of your screen

FinderIconYosemiteXOne frustrating issue you might encounter when running OS X is if a window is placed or sized in a way that prevents you from accessing some of its controls. This can happen for numerous reasons, including adjusting your display setup, or performing an upgrade to a new OS version, or if some corruption in the window saved state configuration files prevents application windows from being restored correctly as part of Apple’s Resume feature. Continue reading