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Manage a Mac pausing during Setup Assistant

SetupAssistantIconXIf you set up a new Mac with a clean installation of OS X Yosemite, then you might find yourself in a situation where the OS X Setup Assistant utility pauses and hangs with the spinning color wheel. This may persist for minutes on end, and have you assuming the setup has failed, requiring you to manually reset your Mac. However, when you do so, the same behavior persists. Continue reading

How to factory-reset your Mac

FinderIconXIt may be wise when selling or donating an old Mac to wipe all of your data off of it and offer the system to the new owners as close to how it came out of the factory. This not only offers them a fresh start, but also ensures your data is kept safe and secure.

One common practice I see people do regularly when selling their old systems is simply create a new account Continue reading

Tackle OS X only booting in Safe Mode

FinderIconXSafe Mode in OS X is a limited boot environment where only essential system services are active. It is a great option to have when troubleshooting software problems on your system, and when you invoke it by holding the Shift key at startup, your Mac should show a gray progress bar and then an indication in the menu bar that you are in Safe mode. This mode should only be active when you specify it by holding the Shift key at bootup; however, Continue reading

How to reinstall OS X

InstallMavericksIconXGenerally a reinstallation of your operating system is a last-resort option, but while recommended as such, there are times when problems warrant a reinstall. For instance, if your OS has been damaged by malware or a problematic third-party application, or if after updating you find a required program you use is not functioning properly, then you can perform a reinstallation to fix your OS, or roll back the version that works with your programs. Continue reading