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Access QuickType suggestions in OS X Yosemite

KeyboardIconXIf you have used Apple’s iOS 8 and have enjoyed the new QuickType keyboard that is included with it, then you might be happy to know a similar service that is available in OS X has gained this function in OS X Yosemite.

QuickType is a word suggestion feature that allows you to quickly complete sentences by tapping on one of three suggested words. Continue reading

How to hide the iOS 8 QuickType keyboard

iOS8IconXOne of Apple’s new features in iOS 8 is the QuickType keyboard, where the system will analyze your entered text to offer three suggestions of possible words as you type them. This can be used to assemble some amusing sentences if you are in for a laugh or two, but can also be quite useful when typing with one hand. However, the keyboard does take up screen real estate and there are times when entering text will leave you with precious few lines to see for composing whatever it is you are typing. Continue reading

How to create poetic nonsense in iOS 8

iOS8IconXIf one person’s gibberish is another person’s poetry (or vice versa), then iOS 8 has you covered.

Many of Apple’s augmentations in iOS thorough the years have come with a degree of unintended humor. When Siri was introduced, of course many took advantage of asking her about intimate details, as well as finding amusement in her answers to odd questions; and when Maps was added to iOS, people were amused by instructions to drive off cliffs or into buildings. Continue reading