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Add shortcuts for the PDF menu items in Print dialogues

PrinterIconXWhen you print any document in OS X, you can manage the print job as a PDF by accessing the small PDF menu at the bottom-left of the print panel, where you can open the PDF in Preview, save it as a PDF to disk, and embed it in an e-mail or chat message, among other options. While the PDF menu itself is not inconvenient, accessing it does require you use the mouse by default; however, you can also assign custom hotkey shortcuts to access these items even quicker. Continue reading

How to share a Web page in OS X

SafariIconXIf you are browsing the Web and wish to share the page you are visiting with others, then you can do so through several different means.

Some of these might be preferred for simplicity and ease of quickly sending a link, whereas others might be better for preserving what you are looking at. Continue reading