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Use gestures to preview Web links from anywhere in OS X 10.10.3

NewSafariIconXIn the latest 10.10.3 update for Yosemite, Apple has introduced a small enhancement that may be helpful to some people, where instead of opening a Web link directly, you can now preview it in a small popup window. This can be a quick way to see what might be linked to in an e-mail, or text document, or any other location in OS X where a link may be shown, without needing to launch Safari or any other Web browser. Continue reading

Use Preview’s Loupe to Emphasize Areas of PDFs and Images

PreviewIconXIf you use Apple’s Preview program regularly to view images and PDF documents on your Mac, then you might find yourself opening some documents where you might need to zoom in on some details. There are several ways to do this in Preview using its standard Zoom function, but in addition you can use the Loupe to keep your document mainly at one zoom level, and only increase the zoom of the area under the loupe. Continue reading

Tip: Quickly zoom and open images with QuickLook

QuickLookIconXWhen browsing files in the Finder, you have the option for previewing them using Apple’s QuickLook feature. This allows you to either see some general information about files such as file size and last modification date, but for supported files you should see a preview of their contents, simply by pressing the Space bar with a file selected. While convenient, for previewing a file or two, you can use QuickLook to zoom in on images, as well as open files you are previewing. Continue reading

How to quickly convert image formats with Preview

PreviewIconXApple’s Preview program is convenient for quickly editing image and PDF files. While it supports a number of options for annotating images and adjusting colors, cropping, and otherwise editing them, it can also be used to quickly convert an image to another format.

Preview supports reading many common image types, and likewise allows you to export them to these same types, Continue reading

How to transfer Preview signatures to a new Mac

PreviewIconXApple’s Preview application comes with a signature feature that allows you to capture and embed your signature into any PDF file. While convenient, you will have to separately capture your signature on each Mac you wish to use your signature on. This can be a problem, especially if your second Mac does not have a Webcam attached to it for capturing your signature. Continue reading

Quickly sign any document with Preview

PreviewIconXIf you need to sign a form or other document in OS X, look no further than Apple’s Preview application. Letters, contracts, and other documents are progressively migrating to digital media as PDFs; however, you may still be required to stamp them with a personal signature. One approach for this is to print out the forms, sign them, and then scan them back in to your system; however, another approach is to paste an image of your signature on the document. Continue reading

How to quickly resize images in OS X

PreviewIconXThere may be times when you have a photo or other image on your Mac that you would like to resize. These may have been downloaded from the internet, taken on your iOS device or with another camera, or taken as a screenshot on your Mac.

While often you can embed an image in a document or e-mail, and then resize it in this medium, sometimes a Continue reading

How to take a screenshot in OS X

DisplaysIconXBuilt into Mac OS X is the ability to take screenshots using simple keyboard commands, which can be exceptionally useful for communicating what you are seeing on-screen with others.

The basic options for creating screen shots in OS X are fairly well-known; however, there are additional options for managing them, which can greatly enhance how you create and use screenshots.  Continue reading

Fix QuickLook errors in OS X

QuickLookIconXQuickLook is a service built into OS X that allows you to quickly preview the contents of many document types. When browsing through your files in the Finder, to view their contents simply highlight one and then press the spacebar to open the preview window.

This service should work for many common file types, including images, movies, presentations, and common formats like Word, Text, Pages, and PDFs. Continue reading