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How to speed up a slow Yosemite upgrade

YosemiteInstallerIconXWhenever you upgrade a system there will always be times when configuration errors or incompatibilities may prevent specific features from working properly, such as a WiFi connection that is constantly dropping, but at other times more nondescript slowdowns may occur that have you questioning whether or not upgrading was worth it.

If you have just upgraded your Mac to OS X Yosemite and are noticing your system is running notably slower or choppier, then there are several steps you can take before you go about extensive troubleshooting efforts. Continue reading

How to boot into Safe Mode in OS X

TerminalIconXWhen troubleshooting non-specific problems with your Mac, one of the first steps to take is to boot the system into Safe Mode, which loads the OS in a minimized “bare-bones” environment, avoiding third-party extensions, unnecessary extensions (even from Apple), and other add-ons that could be contributing to the problem.

In addition to a minimum environment, Safe Mode will run some basic cleaning routines and check the hard drive for errors, which can help iron out problems. Continue reading

How to reset the PRAM on your Mac

TerminalIconXThe Parameter RAM, or PRAM, on your Mac is a small amount of non-volatile memory (ie, persistent memory that is not cleared when the power is off) that is used by the system to hold hardware configuration settings such as the audio volume at startup, the default boot disk, and various boot arguments to pass to the default operating system.

Sometimes specific problems your Mac may encounter are a result of corruption in the PRAM, where variables are not stored properly. Continue reading