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How to address ‘Battery Not Charging’ errors for your Mac

BatteryIconXWhen you plug your MacBook’s power adapter in and its light turns amber, your system’s battery should charge; however, there may be times when this does not occur, and upon clicking the Battery menu you will see a notice that says “Battery Not Charging.” Despite this, the system will work fine as long as the power is plugged in, but if you disconnect power then the battery will progressively drain. Continue reading

Enable a power charging indicator sound on your MacBook when plugged in

SoundIconXFor Mac systems with Magsafe adapters, wall power status has mostly been identifiable by simply looking at your power adapter connector. In doing so, an indicator light of orange or green will tell you both that you are receiving power, and that you are either charging or are fully charged. There is no default sound to indicate attachment to wall power; however, if you have OS X Yosemite installed and are keeping your system up to date, then you have the option to enable one. Continue reading

Apple launches 5W European USB power adapter exchange program

AppleLogoXRedAfter finding faults with its European 5W power adapter for charging iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S models that were shipped between October 2009 and September 2012, Apple has opened up an exchange program that will allow customers with faulty models to exchange them for free.

The models affected are the ones labeled Continue reading

Troubleshooting Mac power adaptors

PowerAdaptorIconXIf you own one of Apple’s portable systems, you will have either a 60-watt or 85-watt power adaptor that comes with the unit for charging it. With these, you can either charge your battery or run the system directly from wall power; however, there are times when these adaptors may not work properly, or at least show behaviors that might be concerning. Continue reading