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Browser address bar exploit persists in Safari; other Mac browsers unaffected

NewSafariIconXA bug that existed in both Chrome and Safari continues to persist in Safari, and allows a malicious Web site to spoof the browser’s address bar to make it appear that you are at one URL when in fact you are at another.

When data phishing sites attempt to steal your information, they will commonly create page layouts that mimic popular and trustworthy pages like those from Facebook, Paypal, Apple, and others. While some of these are impressively similar to the official pages, one easy way to detect them is to look at your address bar and see that the page’s URL is not an official one. Continue reading

New phishing attempt mimics Apple support

BurnIconXA new malicious effort by cyber criminals is making the rounds, which mimics Apple’s user account management site in an attempt to steal Apple IDs.

With a stolen Apple ID, a criminal can potentially log into your iCloud account and gain access to email and contacts, as well as use remote services to lock or wipe your Mac or iDevices. Continue reading