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About OS X 10.11 ‘El Capitan’ and Permissions Fixes

DiskUtilityIconXOne of the common routines taken after installing software, upgrading the system, or otherwise heavily modifying an OS X installation, is to run a permissions fix on the boot drive. This is generally done with Disk Utility or Terminal commands. However, if you have installed El Capitan, you will notice permissions fix routines are now missing. Continue reading

FAQ on fixing permissions in OS X

DiskUtilityIconXWhen you run into a slowdown or two on your Mac, or perhaps another problem, then one of the troubleshooting steps that is commonly and sometimes blindly recommended is to run a “Permissions Fix” routine in Disk Utility. This routine is fairly straightforward; however, depending on your system’s setup you may be curious about repeated errors and warnings, or otherwise wonder about what happens when you run a permissions fix routine. Continue reading