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How to print in Black and White in OS X

PrinterIconXIf you need to print in black and white or in grayscale from your Mac, you might be hard-pressed to find an option to do so in the standard print window. OS X supports a number of different printers; however, besides general “quality” sliders, many of the drivers do not have an option to limit color settings. Nevertheless, you can still use a relatively straight-forward OS X feature to print a document in either grayscale or black and white. Continue reading

Add shortcuts for the PDF menu items in Print dialogues

PrinterIconXWhen you print any document in OS X, you can manage the print job as a PDF by accessing the small PDF menu at the bottom-left of the print panel, where you can open the PDF in Preview, save it as a PDF to disk, and embed it in an e-mail or chat message, among other options. While the PDF menu itself is not inconvenient, accessing it does require you use the mouse by default; however, you can also assign custom hotkey shortcuts to access these items even quicker. Continue reading

How to use Markup in OS X Yosemite Mail

MailIconYosemiteXOne of OS X Yosemite’s new features is the Markup feature in Mail, where instead of using Preview to annotate a PDF or image before attaching it to an e-mail, you can perform these edits right in your new message. This not only adds exceptional convenience for managing your attachments in your various correspondences, but also reduces clutter and the need for odd workarounds such as printing a document to a PDF in Preview, annotating it, and then printing it to PDF again for the convenience of creating a new e-mail message with the PDF. Continue reading

How to transfer Preview signatures to a new Mac

PreviewIconXApple’s Preview application comes with a signature feature that allows you to capture and embed your signature into any PDF file. While convenient, you will have to separately capture your signature on each Mac you wish to use your signature on. This can be a problem, especially if your second Mac does not have a Webcam attached to it for capturing your signature. Continue reading

Quickly sign any document with Preview

PreviewIconXIf you need to sign a form or other document in OS X, look no further than Apple’s Preview application. Letters, contracts, and other documents are progressively migrating to digital media as PDFs; however, you may still be required to stamp them with a personal signature. One approach for this is to print out the forms, sign them, and then scan them back in to your system; however, another approach is to paste an image of your signature on the document. Continue reading