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Russian hackers arrested in possible ‘Oleg Pliss’ iOS ransom attack

BurnIconXThe Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the hackers responsible for the recent ransom attack on iOS users, may have been arrested in Russia.

The hackers, aged 17 and 23, were from the Southern Administrative District of Moscow, and where apprehended when they were in the act of withdrawing stolen funds Continue reading

Tips and tricks for securing your Mac

SecurityIconXSecuring your Mac and the online services you use revolves around layering your security options, so not only do you have your computing content secured by a proper password, but it is also properly packaged for security. In addition, how you configure your Mac can greatly affect how secure it is.

There are several easy approaches you can follow to ensure your Mac is as secure as possible, especially Continue reading

Malware detection is a losing battle

BurnIconXAs personal computing took off in the 80s, people progressively relied upon security software to remove viruses, trojans, spyware, and other malicious software from their systems. For a couple of decades, it seemed such software was a necessity, especially for platforms that suffered a larger onslaught of malware than others (namely Windows and the classic Mac OS, in comparison to OS X). Malware is still an ongoing and major problem; however, it appears that this classic approach to stemming the flow of malware is a progressively failed effort. Continue reading

OpenSSL Heartbleed bug demands password changes

SecurityIconXIf you have not heard of the the recent “Heartbleed” bug, this Web snafu is an oversight in the encryption layer commonly used by many Web sites for security, which allows attackers to exploit security keys and gain access to sensitive data.

The flaw exists in OpenSSL, where in an encrypted connection one computer will send out a heartbeat packet that requests a response from the other, to inform each that the connection is still alive. Continue reading