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No Recovery drive? Three alternatives are available to you.

HardDriveIconXWhen some problems such as hard drive corruption occur on your Mac, or if you need to perform account maintenance such as resetting passwords or fixing account permissions, then you will need to use the tools that Apple includes on the hidden Recovery drive that is part of OS X. However, in some cases such as for RAID arrays, you may not have a recovery partition, in which case there are several alternatives you can use, even if you are limited by your internet connection: Continue reading

How to partition a hard drive in OS X using Core Storage

HardDriveIconXWhen you set up an external drive for use with your Mac, you may wish to partition it for various uses. For instance, you might want to isolate automatic Time Machine backups from manual ones. The classic way to do this on a single drive is to use Disk Utility to partition it, where you split the drive into two or more logical volumes that the system sees as separate file systems. Since OS X supports Apple’s CoreStorage volume management technology, if you wish to do this then you can do so via classic partitioning, as well as through CoreStorage. Continue reading

How to make secondary boot partitions read-only in OS X

HardDriveIconXDo you dual-boot your Mac with at least one other installation of OS X? If so then you might benefit from setting up each installation so the other boot partition that mounts is read-only.

When you install OS X, the drive it resides on will be formatted to Mac OS Extended, a format that is fully writable by any current version of OS X. As a result, when you load Continue reading

How to make a custom Fusion Drive in OS X

FusionDriveIconXIn OS X 10.7 Lion, Apple switched its FileVault encryption technology from relying on disk images, to using a volume management technology called CoreStorage. This provides a layer between the OS and the physical partitions on a local drive, allowing not only full-disk encryption options, but also spanning of a single logical volume across multiple physical partitions. Continue reading