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Certificate expiration breaks older OS X installers

InstallElCapitanReplacement developer certificates Apple issued to fix security issues have caused signed packages created using the older replaced certificates to no longer be verifiable. This results in OS X assuming corruption in these files, and will not process them by default. One unfortunate side-effect of this is that older installers you may have collected for past versions of OS X will likely have been signed using older certificates, and may no longer install. Continue reading

Quick Tip: Save the OS X Yosemite installer

YosemiteInstallerIconXApple released OS X Yosemite yesterday, and while you might have prepared your Mac by backing it up, and updating as many of your apps as possible, one additional step you might take after you have purchased and downloaded OS X Yosemite from the App Store is to save the installation package that you download to your computer.

This package will appear as a regular program in your Applications folder called Install OS X Yosemite, and it will Continue reading