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How to make calls in OS X Yosemite using your iPhone

FaceTimeIconXOne of the newer features in OS X Yosemite is the ability to make and take phone calls from your iPhone, which can come in handy if you are working at your Mac and cannot fish through your pockets or bag for your phone. This is especially useful if you use Apple’s earbuds with your Mac, where its volume and mute controls can be used with your Mac, just as they can with iOS devices. Continue reading

Apple releases iOS 8.1.1, and OS X 10.10.1

SoftwareUpdateIconXApple has released updates for both its latest iOS and OS X operating system software, which bring about improved Wi-Fi reliability as well as addressing problems users have had with Mail after upgrading. The update, which is available via Apple’s Software Update service, should be announced to you through Notification Center along the right-hand side of your Mac’s display, but can also be accessed by choosing the App Store option from the Apple menu. The iOS update can be applied by going to the General > Software Update settings on your iOS device. Continue reading

Fix OS X Yosemite always booting into Safe Mode

YosemiteInstallerIconXAfter upgrading to OS X Yosemite, you might encounter a problem where your Mac appears to always boot in Safe Mode, a maintenance boot environment where OS X only loads minimal and essential system services, in addition to running a few system checking routines. In general this mode is invoked purposefully by holding the Shift key down at boot; however, there are times when the system will automatically be triggered into Safe Mode. Continue reading

Fix Mail crashing after upgrading to Yosemite

MailIconYosemiteXAfter upgrading to OS X Yosemite, you might find Apple’s Mail application may crash or hang when you open it, preventing you from accessing any new messages. This can be exceptionally frustrating to manage, especially when it persists after restarting your system. If mail is constantly quitting after upgrading, and especially if it quits immediately when you open it, then there are several approaches you can take to fix this situation. Continue reading

How to make a bootable Yosemite installation drive in 10 steps

YosemiteInstallerIconXIf you intend on upgrading your Mac to OS X Yosemite, then I recommend you first save the installer that is downloaded to your Applications folder, as this can be used to directly install to other Macs you own. It also can be used to create a bootable OS X installation drive, which you can likewise use to upgrade other Mac’s, or better yet, reinstall OS X from scratch if needed. Continue reading

How to manage small problems after upgrading to OS X Yosemite

YosemiteInstallerIconXWhile some problems with OS X will be very distinct, sometimes after upgrading there may be a few nondescript problems that occur, even if it’s something as small as the mouse not tracking as well, or the system having odd hiccups of slowness, or perhaps a visual artifact or two on a Web page. If odd little problems are happening to you after upgrading to OS X Yosemite, then while at times they may indicate a larger problem or bug, in most cases they can be rectified with a few quick and common fixes. Continue reading

Seven subtle changes in OS X Yosemite

FinderIconYosemiteXApple’s new OS X Yosemite comes with a number of exciting new features, including integration with iOS 8 to send and receive voice and text chats, an new interface style that mimics the look of iOS 8 and iOS 8, better power management, and integration with online services. However, hidden in and around these augmentations are some subtle changes to Yosemite that might not pop out at you right away. Some of these might be useless, but others might be fun additions that you might enjoy. Continue reading

Quick Tip: Save the OS X Yosemite installer

YosemiteInstallerIconXApple released OS X Yosemite yesterday, and while you might have prepared your Mac by backing it up, and updating as many of your apps as possible, one additional step you might take after you have purchased and downloaded OS X Yosemite from the App Store is to save the installation package that you download to your computer.

This package will appear as a regular program in your Applications folder called Install OS X Yosemite, and it will Continue reading

Prepare your apps for OS X Yosemite

MacAppStoreIconXApple is expected to release OS X Yosemite today, where after months of testing with its developers and its new Public Beta program, the new version of OS X will be made available as a free download from the App Store. As with prior OS X upgrades, Yosemite will come with a number of new services and features that have been extensively tested, but which may still have a bug or two so while you might be eager to upgrade, be sure you have prepared your Mac by at least fully backing it up with Time Machine, but in addition, be sure your apps are fully updated. Continue reading