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View timestamps in Messages on your Mac and iPhone

MessagesIconXWhen you are using Apple’s iMessage service, you might wish to look up when a specific message arrived, especially if you are troubleshooting a connection problem or other configuration issue with Messages. There are several ways to do this both in OS X and in iOS, a couple of which are relatively apparent, and a couple that are not. Continue reading

Fix iMessages only showing up on one device

MessagesIconXApple’s iMessage service is its proprietary messaging technology, which works through iCloud to allow the synchronization of conversations between all supported iOS and Mac OS devices. This is convenient, because you can chat and text on any of your Macs, iPhones, or iPads, and then continue the conversation on another device, with full access to the conversation history. Continue reading

Apple to disconnect .mac and .me AIM chatting in Snow Leopard

MessagesIconXIf you are a long-time user of Apple’s cloud-based services, and have been using your Apple ID ending in mac.com or me.com to chat over the AIM network, then on May 17, you will be required to run OS X 10.7.2 or later.

When Apple introduced its .Mac and subsequent .Me cloud-based services, it included cross-compatibility Continue reading

How to ward off iMessage spammers

MessagesIconXApple’s iMessage service is the default messaging system for anyone using OS X or iOS, so if you use one of these systems then you likely have an iCloud account active and ready to receive messages. Unfortunately, at times and especially if you have a popular iCloud user name, you may receive spam texts and other messages through your iCloud account.  Continue reading