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How to manage your Messages histories in OS X

NewMessagesIconXWhen using Messages in OS X to chat with friends and colleagues, the program will save a record of your message contents, to then keep a history of your conversation that you can review at a later point. While immediate conversation messages may be on Apple’s servers and synchronize to your devices, once this is done they will be gone, so your device retains the history so you can browse and search it if needed. Continue reading

Messages bug will force your iPhone to restart 

NewMessagesIconXIf you have recently found your iPhone’s Messages app crashes upon receiving a new messages, then you are not alone. Apparently a bug exists in the app where if a certain string of text is received, then the app will crash, and possibly result in your iPhone restarting. This bug is reminiscent of a problem where Safari would similarly crash when rendering a specific text string. Given that the problematic text is very specific, if you are experiencing this problem, then it is likely because someone has singled you out as a prank, or otherwise. Continue reading

BitTorrent ‘Bleep’ brings decentralized messaging to OS X and iOS

BleepIconXIf you use a Mac, an iPhone, or iPad, then likely you use Apple’s Messages service to contact your friends and colleagues. Given Apple’s push for you to sign up with iCloud, this service is a convenient way to get in contact, and has some perks like full end-to-end encryption; however, there have been some concerns about Messages and other services where message content is stored on central servers where its possible it could be read by others. Continue reading

How to quickly manage messages on iOS’s lock screen

iPhoneMailIconXWhen you receive a new e-mail message on your iPhone or iPad, if your device is currently locked then the message will show up in Notification Center and display on your home screen. If you want to access your message directly, then instead of unlocking your device and going to Mail, you have several options available to you right on the home screen. Continue reading

iMessage on non-Apple devices? Blackberry thinks so

NewMessagesIconXIn a response to the State of the Union speech in which President Obama outlined his stance on net neutrality, the CEO of Blackberry issued a blog posting describing his support for an open and non-discriminatory internet. Along with outlining free and open internet access, part of his argument also states that companies like Apple should be required to make services like iMessage non-proprietary and allow them to work on alternative platforms. Continue reading

Prevent Messages from splitting into multiple conversations

NewMessagesIconXWhen using Messages on either your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you might run into an issue where conversations will become split into multiple threads, where at times messages will arrive in one thread and at other times they may end up in the other. This can not only be a little cluttering to your organization in Messages, but can be confusing since you might not know what thread to use when attempting to connect with someone. Continue reading

Messages in Yosemite offers per-conversation muting and screen sharing

NewMessagesIconXBeing in beta status, the features of OS X Yosemite are subject to change; however, one detail that may be exciting to those who use Apple’s Messages program is the ability to both mute specific conversations, and also request or grant screen sharing access from a current conversation. Continue reading

View timestamps in Messages on your Mac and iPhone

MessagesIconXWhen you are using Apple’s iMessage service, you might wish to look up when a specific message arrived, especially if you are troubleshooting a connection problem or other configuration issue with Messages. There are several ways to do this both in OS X and in iOS, a couple of which are relatively apparent, and a couple that are not. Continue reading

Fix iMessages only showing up on one device

MessagesIconXApple’s iMessage service is its proprietary messaging technology, which works through iCloud to allow the synchronization of conversations between all supported iOS and Mac OS devices. This is convenient, because you can chat and text on any of your Macs, iPhones, or iPads, and then continue the conversation on another device, with full access to the conversation history. Continue reading

Apple to disconnect .mac and .me AIM chatting in Snow Leopard

MessagesIconXIf you are a long-time user of Apple’s cloud-based services, and have been using your Apple ID ending in mac.com or me.com to chat over the AIM network, then on May 17, you will be required to run OS X 10.7.2 or later.

When Apple introduced its .Mac and subsequent .Me cloud-based services, it included cross-compatibility Continue reading