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How to maximize screen real estate in OS X

DisplaysIconXIn most instances you may want to have as much desktop space on your Mac as possible to get your work done. While you can organizing windows on your screen and streamline your workflow to reduce clutter, nothing beats having a large workspace on which to open apps and view numerous windows of your files. For any Mac there are several approaches you can take to increase this and get more work done, or at least have more area on which to put your clutter. Continue reading

Tackle a hidden menu bar in OS X

FinderIconXThe OS X Menu bar is the gray strip across the top of your monitor, that holds the apple menu and system and application menus on the left, and the status menus (menu extras) on the right. This bar should be present and active to allow you to control your system and applications; however, there may be instances where it is not showing all the time. Continue reading