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How to speed up your old Mac

FinderIconXDo you have a Mac that is gaining a few years on it and is not performing the same as you remember when you first bought it? While you might not be able to pinpoint it, you might simply notice programs take longer to launch, or you now have to wait a few extra moments for other tasks to complete.

Sometimes such slowdowns are caused by errors Continue reading

Apple releases OS X 10.9.3, and iTunes 11.2

SoftwareUpdateIconXApple has issued its long-awaited OS X 10.9.3 update, after a rather lengthy time in testing. This update improves support for 4K displays, which will allow for Apple’s HiDPI scaling, such as that used for its Retina MacBook Pros, to be used for these displays.

Specifically, the update includes the following enhancements and fixes the following issues: Continue reading

Preparing for the 10.9.3 update

InstallMavericksIconXThe developer seed builds for the upcoming 10.9.3 update for Mavericks have become more frequent, suggesting Apple is wrapping up the last few bugs that testers have found for this version of OS X and the public release of the update should be coming very soon.

In addition to the standard bug fixes and tweaks, this update comes with a couple of new features for managing Continue reading

Enable MIDI playback in Web browsers for Mavericks and Mountain Lion

QuickTimeXIconXMIDI files are similar to digital sheet music, where notes on individual tracks are played with a selected instrument from a central sound library. This allows the relatively small MIDI file of only a few kilobytes to play anything from simple piano music, to full symphonic arrangements.

When Apple introduced QuickTime X in Mountain Lion, it unfortunately removed support for MIDI file playback. Continue reading

Apple releases security updates for OS X

SoftwareUpdateIconXApple has released security updates for all versions of OS X that it currently supports, which are OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion, along with the server variants of these releases.

The update, which is the second released this year, is titled “2014-002” and simply states that it “improves the security of OS X,” and the contents of the installation packages show Continue reading

OS X Mavericks adoption rate the fastest ever

MavericksIconXApple’s OS X Mavericks operating system is the fastest-adopted version to date. According to a recent analysis done by Chitikia, the OS has reached 40 percent of the Mac user-base. This level has been achieved in the five months since Apple made it available as a free upgrade in its App Store.

In comparison, OS X Mountain Lion was adopted by about 34 percent of users in a 14-month period Continue reading

From the forums: Create a boot disk from the OS X installer

InstallMavericksIconXStarting with Lion, OS X has been distributed almost exclusively online through the App Store, or if you need to wipe your system and reinstall, then the installer can be accessed through Recovery Mode.

While these approaches should work just fine, sometimes it might be impractical, such as when you need to install to more than a couple of systems. In these situations, each system will need to download the installation files, which can take a very long time, especially if your bandwidth is somewhat limited.  Continue reading