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Fix VIP mailboxes not showing all messages in Mail

MailIconYosemiteXThe VIP mailbox in Apple’s Mail program should show messages from contacts that you flag as VIP; however, there are instances where messages from your designated VIPs will not show up, leaving this feature somewhat unreliable. This may happen after upgrading or updating OS X to anew version, and if its happening then the fix should be relatively straightforward. Continue reading

Tips for managing a stuffed e-mail inbox in Mail

MailIconXEven though you might have plenty of storage available in your e-mail account, after a while of using Mail in OS X, you might find your inbox crammed with thousands of old messages. While Mail should be able to handle all of these messages, sometimes you might find it easier to only have a few messages to sort through.

Unfortunately, the only true way to manage old mail Continue reading

Dropbox announces Mailbox for OS X

DropBoxIconXIf you are interested in e-mail client options other than Apple’s Mail, then you might be in luck. The Dropbox-owned alternative to Apple’s iOS Mail client, called Mailbox, is being expanded for not only Android systems, but also for OS X.

Mailbox started on the iPhone as an app to access Gmail accounts, and its use of gestures has made it quite an attractive product. Continue reading

Rebuild mailboxes to fix message handling problems in OS X Mail

MailIconXApple’s Mail program can connect to a number of different e-mail services, including popular ones like Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo, but in addition be configured for custom IMAP and POP services, such as those at work or educational institutions.

While Mail can manage messages from many different accounts and account types, sometimes Continue reading