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How to address ‘Battery Not Charging’ errors for your Mac

BatteryIconXWhen you plug your MacBook’s power adapter in and its light turns amber, your system’s battery should charge; however, there may be times when this does not occur, and upon clicking the Battery menu you will see a notice that says “Battery Not Charging.” Despite this, the system will work fine as long as the power is plugged in, but if you disconnect power then the battery will progressively drain. Continue reading

Apple to replace MacBook displays with peeling anti-reflective coatings

MacBookProIconXApple’s Retina MacBook Pros have a glass-covered display that has a coating of anti-reflective material to combat glare. However, some users have found that after a while this coating may separate, causing unsightly splotches that are most apparent when viewing darker content in bright lighting situations. If you are noticing these problems with your MacBook, then you may be in luck, as Apple has started a program to offer free replacements for the devices. Continue reading

Spacebars malfunctioning on new 12-inch MacBooks

MacBookProIconXIf you have purchased one of Apple’s new 12-inch MacBooks (Early 2015), then be aware of a potential keyboard issue where the space bar may not respond, especially when pressed on the left or right edges. When this happens, the bar will feel as if it has hit the bottom of its range without sending the keypress to the system. Additional force may ultimately activate the key, but with standard typing this problem may make it difficult for affected users to enter spaces. Continue reading

Anti-Reflective coatings separating on MacBook displays

MacBookProIconXThe anti-reflective display coating on some MacBook systems may separate from the glass panel over time, leaving a notable permanent discoloration on the display. When this occurs, the discoloration may spread quite easily as the separation expands. Given that Apple has used anti-reflective coatings on many MacBook systems (both retina and non-retina), this problem may be a potential issue for many people. Continue reading

The inner-workings of Apple’s Force Touch trackpad revealed

TrackpadIconXIf you are interested in the Force Touch trackpad on Apple’s new MacBook, iFixIt has performed a full teardown of the new system to reveal its underpinnings, and in doing so has outlined some of how the trackpad works. Apple’s trackpad brings several key advancements to its input technology, and while it may not fit everyone’s tastes, it should help overcome a number of limitations to Apple’s current trackpads.  Continue reading

New MacBooks say Goodbye to MagSafe

MagSafeConverterAs part of today’s new product announcements, one of Apple’s highlights was its entry-level MacBook systems that tout several new features, including Force-Touch trackpads, new Intel processors, and USB 3.1 Type-C connectors; however, in addition to this, Apple has left off its Magsafe power adapter, leaving these systems vulnerable to potential harm if a power cord is snagged. Continue reading

Fix your trackpad button suddenly being light to the touch

TrackpadIconXThe multi-touch trackpad’s on your MacBook should have a substantial click sound to it, and require a notable press to activate. Granted many people will have differing touches, but in general you should be able to swipe around on your trackpad without activating the button on it. If this is not the case and your trackpad’s button does click inadvertently and quite frequently, then there may be some quick fixes you can try. Continue reading

New MacBook Pros tweaked with faster processors, more RAM

MacBookProIconXApple has updated its line of portable Macs, offering slightly faster components while making no changes to the systems’ external designs.

Both the 13-inch and 15-inch models now have new processors, and more RAM, but with little change to other components. Both systems use the same Intel Iris and Nvidia GeForce GT 750M Continue reading