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Buying decisions: iPad Pro or MacBook Air?

iPadIconXApple’s iPad line is getting bigger and more powerful with every new release, and while tablets have some distinct differences from classic laptops, their capabilities are progressing to overlap with or in some cases extend beyond those of laptops. With the release of Apple’s new iPad Pro and upcoming iOS 9, the distinctions are becoming even less, so if you are in the market for a new system, you might find yourself wondering whether to go for an iPad or a comparably priced OS X system such as a MacBook Air, especially if it will be your only computer. Continue reading

Apple Issues MacBook Air EFI firmware update

FirmwareUpdateIconXIf you have a MacBook Air and are experiencing long pauses when waking from sleep, or if you find your system fans are regularly blaring after waking from sleep, then Apple has a fix in the form of an EFI firmware update, that should hopefully clear the issue.

The update, for Mid-2011 MacBook Air systems, is a small download available via Software Update in the Apple menu, Continue reading

Apple releases EFI firmware update for MacBook Air systems

FirmwareUpdateIconXFollowing the MacBook Air SMC firmware update released on June 9 to fix battery draining problems in the mid-2013 MacBook Air, Apple today released an EFI update for this system and the Early 2014 MacBook Air models, which fixes problems with waking from sleep and booting, as well as a memory and display management issue. Continue reading