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Apple to disconnect .mac and .me AIM chatting in Snow Leopard

MessagesIconXIf you are a long-time user of Apple’s cloud-based services, and have been using your Apple ID ending in mac.com or me.com to chat over the AIM network, then on May 17, you will be required to run OS X 10.7.2 or later.

When Apple introduced its .Mac and subsequent .Me cloud-based services, it included cross-compatibility Continue reading

Wake up your Mac with your iPhone

NetworkIconXWaking a Mac up from sleep generally requires you tap a key on the keyboard, or click your mouse or trackpad; however, there are times when you might need to wake your Mac up remotely, either because it is locked away such as a server in a closet, or perhaps it is among a number on a large local network that you are trying to access and need it woken up. Continue reading

Determine the reason why your Mac wakes up

ConsoleIconXWhen your Mac wakes form sleep, the OS X Kernel will output a message to the system console, containing a code that identifies the reason for the system having been woken up. This can be anything from a lid being opened, to a key being pressed.

Since you can access these logs using the System Console utility, if your system is regularly waking unexpectedly up Continue reading

When and how to reset your Mac’s SMC

FirmwareUpdateIconXThe System Management Controller, or SMC, is a controller in your Mac that is responsible for handling a number of power- and controls-related features of your computer. In general, the lights, buttons, charging, fans, and optional display modes are all examples of items that rely on the SMC for proper behavior. Continue reading

How to make a custom Fusion Drive in OS X

FusionDriveIconXIn OS X 10.7 Lion, Apple switched its FileVault encryption technology from relying on disk images, to using a volume management technology called CoreStorage. This provides a layer between the OS and the physical partitions on a local drive, allowing not only full-disk encryption options, but also spanning of a single logical volume across multiple physical partitions. Continue reading

How to look up the audio capabilities of your Mac

SoundIconXWhile for the most part the only audio-related settings you interact with on your Mac are the volume controls, there might be times when you need to look up or configure more specific details.

There are three basic areas in OS X where you can look up audio information and configure it: The system preferences, the system information utility, and the Audio MIDI Setup utility. Continue reading

Intel outlines Thunderbolt networking

ThunderboltIconXIntel has announced Thunderbolt Networking as part of its push for Thunderbolt 2 expansion in the PC market.

Thunderbolt is one of the latest expansion technologies for PCs, developed by Intel under the code name “Light Peak” as a fiber-based connection technology, Thunderbolt debuted in Apple’s 2011 MacBook Pro and was soon implemented through Apple’s Mac lineup. Continue reading