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Tips and tricks for increasing the use of the OS X Console

ConsoleIconXOne of the top troubleshooting tools you will use in OS X is the Console app, with which you can view a centralized list of logged system activity, be it from the system console or from application-specific log files. With the details output in the resources available in the Console, you can often track relevant activity for when crashes and other faults occur, and then address them accordingly. Continue reading

How to isolate output in the OS X Console

ConsoleIconXAs programs run on your Mac, they will output their activity either to the system log or to specific log files, both of which can be viewed using OS X’s Console utility, so if some aspect of your Mac appears to not be working correctly, often the system console is a great tool to use for narrowing down the problem. However, when you open the console you will by default be hit with a barrage of information that can be tough to narrow down, especially if you want to follow the activity of one or more processes. Continue reading

How to use the system console in OS X

ConsoleIconXWhen programs and services run on your system, they are programmed to give some sort of indication of what they are doing, either through a graphical interface or some added function for the system. Since no program is perfect, programmers build in logging routines that indicate when specific tasks are done, or at least tried, by their programs.

The Console in OS X is a utility that allows you to see some of these ongoing messages the system and running applications are Continue reading