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How to use LaunchAgents to monitor folder contents in OS X

NewTerminalIconXWatching folders for various changes in OS X can be exceptionally useful for automating tasks to handle any files added to the folder. This can be especially useful as a security measure for determining unwanted changes to key system folders. One robust solution for this is to use Apple’s Folder Actions feature for monitoring folders, and while still one I prefer and recommend, another approach is to use the system launcher. Continue reading

Fix ‘Folder Actions Dispatcher’ using high CPU in Yosemite

ActivityMonitorIconXAfter upgrading to OS X Yosemite, you might find your system running rather slowly, even when there are no obvious reasons for it, such as a program you have open that is performing some computationally intensive task. Upon investigating this, you might resort to opening Apple’s Activity Monitor program to see what is running in the background, and find a process called Folder Actions Dispatcher running and using between 80 to 100 percent of your CPU. Continue reading

Monitor System folders to secure your Mac

FolderActionsIconXOne of the ways that Apple and third-party developers keep services running in OS X is to use launch agent and launch daemon scripts, which instruct the system launcher to run a specified program, script, or other routine at a designated time or after a specific system event.

For instance, if you use Activity Monitor to force-quit the “SystemUIServer” process responsible for Continue reading