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Four easy steps to a faster Mac

FinderIconYosemiteXKeeping your computer running at the speeds it ran at when you bought it may seem like a futile task, and often people just accept the fact that their computers will eventually become laggy and pause. However, your Mac’s hardware is functionally no different than it was when you purchased it. This means unless your Mac is over 5 years old and is missing capability required by the software you run, then it should perform reasonably similar to when you purchased it. Continue reading

How to manage intermittent lag in OS X Yosemite

YosemiteInstallerIconXOne of the more common complaints about OS X Yosemite is that it appears to run slowly for some users; however, this is not because it is always slow. In many cases, the OS runs just fine but then will run into a period of intermittent but frequent pauses where input like clicks and typed text will halt and the system may show the spinning color wheel. This is followed by all of the paused activity suddenly catching up with itself a few moments later. Continue reading