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19 essential keyboard commands that every Mac user should know

FinderIconXHotkeys are exceptionally useful for specifying actions you want a particular program to perform. In some cases, these are specific to a given program (such as creating a new tab in Safari), and in other cases commands are more universal, such as those for copying and pasting content.

Given that hotkeys allow for specific tasks to be performed, they can often be a more efficient method than using point-and-click options, where errors can be made. For instance, when dragging items to the trash, you can easily release your selection at the wrong time and drop items on whatever window is in the background. With a hotkey to move items to the trash, you won’t make this mistake. Continue reading

How to hide the iOS 8 QuickType keyboard

iOS8IconXOne of Apple’s new features in iOS 8 is the QuickType keyboard, where the system will analyze your entered text to offer three suggestions of possible words as you type them. This can be used to assemble some amusing sentences if you are in for a laugh or two, but can also be quite useful when typing with one hand. However, the keyboard does take up screen real estate and there are times when entering text will leave you with precious few lines to see for composing whatever it is you are typing. Continue reading

How to create poetic nonsense in iOS 8

iOS8IconXIf one person’s gibberish is another person’s poetry (or vice versa), then iOS 8 has you covered.

Many of Apple’s augmentations in iOS thorough the years have come with a degree of unintended humor. When Siri was introduced, of course many took advantage of asking her about intimate details, as well as finding amusement in her answers to odd questions; and when Maps was added to iOS, people were amused by instructions to drive off cliffs or into buildings. Continue reading

Navigate OS X menus with your Mac’s keyboard

FinderIconXFor the most part, to navigate menus in OS X you simply click one with your mouse and then click the desired command from the menu. While this is the most straightforward option for accessing what you want from menus, there are some alternative approaches that at the very least might be good to keep in mind, but with practice may even be quicker than grabbing your mouse. Continue reading

Five hotkey shortcuts you might not know about

FinderIconXThe hotkeys available in OS X allow you to quickly have common commands at your fingertips, and with practice you can greatly speed up your workflow with them. While common hotkeys like Command-Q to quit, and Command-W for closing windows, may be well-used, there are a number of hidden hotkeys in OS X that can sometimes be exceptionally useful. Continue reading

Eight obscure but useful text-editing hotkeys in OS X

KeyboardIconXWhile you can use your Mac largely by clicking controls and menus with your mouse, if you take advantage of system and application hotkeys you can greatly increase your workflow efficiency. There are a number of classic hotkeys you can use to perform basic operations, such as quitting, closing windows, creating new documents, and cutting and pasting contents. You can even create your own custom hotkeys if needed; however, there are a few relatively hidden hotkeys Continue reading