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How to overcome your Mac not booting after upgrading OS X

FinderIconYosemiteXWhen you upgrade your installation of OS X, the OS X installer will attempt to detect and remove any incompatible software that may destabilize your system. However, there are times when such software may slip past Apple’s detection routines and affect your system. While often you can use troubleshooting routines after installation to manage such problems, on rare occasion these issues may prevent your Mac from booting altogether, leaving you with no ability to use your machine. Continue reading

Tackle Apple KEXTs not loading

KextIconXKernel extensions in OS X are add-ons to the core system software that provide low-level functionality to the system. These include device drivers such as graphics cards, trackpads, and input devices, but also for some system features like firewalls.

Most kernel extensions in OS X are provided by Apple, but every now and then programs such as security software, Continue reading