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‘No iOS Zone’ flaw may crash unpatched iOS devices

BurnIconXA bug exists in iOS 8 that will allow a maliciously configured Wi-Fi hotspot to crash any iOS device that connects to it. The flaw, was found by security researchers at Skycure, and operates by manipulating SSL certificates. When your iPhone or iPad connects to one of these hotspots, it may suddenly restart, and then continue doing so in a loop as long as it attempts to reconnect to the same hotspot. Continue reading

How to quickly delete or mark e-mail as unread in iOS 8

iPhoneMailIconXWhen browsing through and managing your e-mail, you will likely regularly use three tasks: flagging messages, deleting unwanted ones, and then marking any that you would like to revisit later as unread. This last option is especially useful if you access your e-mail on multiple devices. In the Mail app in iOS, you can do these tasks using the toolbar at the bottom of an opened e-mail message, but there are a couple of additional approaches that can be far more convenient. Continue reading

How to make calls in OS X Yosemite using your iPhone

FaceTimeIconXOne of the newer features in OS X Yosemite is the ability to make and take phone calls from your iPhone, which can come in handy if you are working at your Mac and cannot fish through your pockets or bag for your phone. This is especially useful if you use Apple’s earbuds with your Mac, where its volume and mute controls can be used with your Mac, just as they can with iOS devices. Continue reading

Missing ringtones? iOS 8.1.2 should fix that!

iOS8IconXIf you have been using iOS 8 and have noticed that some of your additional ringtones purchased through the iTunes store are missing, then you should update to the latest version of iOS. A short while ago Apple released the latest iOS update, brining its latest mobile OS version to 8.1.2, which includes several minor patches, but which most prominently includes a fix for a bug that causes ringtones to be deleted. Continue reading

Apple releases iOS 8.1.1, and OS X 10.10.1

SoftwareUpdateIconXApple has released updates for both its latest iOS and OS X operating system software, which bring about improved Wi-Fi reliability as well as addressing problems users have had with Mail after upgrading. The update, which is available via Apple’s Software Update service, should be announced to you through Notification Center along the right-hand side of your Mac’s display, but can also be accessed by choosing the App Store option from the Apple menu. The iOS update can be applied by going to the General > Software Update settings on your iOS device. Continue reading

Enhance Find My iPhone with ‘Last Location’ in iOS 8

FindMyMacIconXThe Find My iPhone feature that is part of Apple’s iCloud service is a great security option to enable, as it allows you to locate, erase, or message your device if it is ever lost or stolen. This service can be easily enabled for OS X or iOS devices, where once you have logged into iCloud in the OS X system preferences, you can check this option as one of the features to enable. In the case of iOS, you can toggle this option in the Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone section. Continue reading

How to hide the iOS 8 QuickType keyboard

iOS8IconXOne of Apple’s new features in iOS 8 is the QuickType keyboard, where the system will analyze your entered text to offer three suggestions of possible words as you type them. This can be used to assemble some amusing sentences if you are in for a laugh or two, but can also be quite useful when typing with one hand. However, the keyboard does take up screen real estate and there are times when entering text will leave you with precious few lines to see for composing whatever it is you are typing. Continue reading

Time Lapse in iOS 8 keeps videos under 40 seconds

iOS8IconXThe new Time Lapse camera mode in iOS 8 allows you to take fast-motion videos that display only a few frames, as if separate images were taken at long time intervals and then stitched together to make a short but fast movie; however, you might notice that when you take short time-lapse videos you will get a larger number of frames per second than if you extend your video out to tens of seconds or minutes. Continue reading

iOS 8 ‘Reset All Settings’ bug erases iCloud Drive

iOS8IconXOne of Apple’s latest services is the change to iCloud Drive, which transitions from its initial per-application use of cloud storage for documents, to a more traditional approach reminiscent of its original iDisk, and services like Dropbox and MediaFire.

This has been a welcomed change, and as such you might be regularly adding your files to it; however, if you do Continue reading

Apple issues iOS 8.0.2 to fix initial update problems

iOS8IconXAfter mistakes with the initial update to iOS 8, Apple has released iOS 8.0.2. This update is important, because it rectifies temporary setbacks imposed by the fixes for the 8.0.1 update, where users found they could not make cell phone calls or use the Touch ID feature.

For users who installed iOS 8.0.1, to re-enable these features Apple recommended Continue reading